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Kate K
Alexandria, VA
December 16, 2019

Remove existing liner and debris on top of it. Install new 12 mil liner, up walls and seal just below sill plate per code. Apply 2 inches of closed cell foam to perimeter rim joist to air seal and provide R13 insulation. When demo work is complete examine for any potential entry points and seal out as needed with copper cloth, caulk. Install WiseAir 60 dehumidifier in small front space. Install condensate pump Install hanger kit Move electrical connection to new location. Remove old non functioning dehumidifier and dispose. All work carries a 5 year warranty for workmanship and materials. It is recommended to perform a yearly maintenance of the dehumidifier. This includes replacement of the filter, cleaning of the condensate tank and flush of the lines plus verify proper operation. There is no contract for this service.

Katherine P
Fredericksburg, VA
December 13, 2019

Remove all batted insulation, fecal matter, and vapor barrier in crawlspace. Sterifab to disinfect and treat for mites, lice, and bacteria. Sterifab will treat for the mildew in the crawlspace. Install 16 mil crawlshield/vapor barrier and dimple shield on floors. Seam tape vapor barrier to r11 bora foam board. Install R11 bora foam insulation on exterior walls. Use stainless steel screen on one vents to block from wildlife intrusion. Block off vents with foam board. Spray foam exterior rim joists. Frame for new door and new composite door for entry. Install one Santa Fe dehumidifier in crawlspace with a condensate pump. Run discharge line out through crawlspace. From exterior install stainless steel screen on gaps. Secure screen to underside of porch and tapcon screws along bottom of screen.

James C
Ashburn, VA
December 10, 2019

Install 12 mil liner to walls and secure/seal. Install 2 layers of Borafoam board on the exterior walls up to sill plate for a total of R22. Apply 2 inches closed cell foam to rim/band joist for an R value of 13. This will air and moisture seal the area. All work carries a 5 year warranty.

Samantha S
Alexandria, VA
October 11, 2019

Full crawlspace encapsulation including Crawlshield Liner, Dimpleshield Mat, Borafoam Board, apply closed cell foam to entire exterior rim joist, sterilization treatment, insulation installation, new poly hatch, installation of FastDrain system and dehumidifier with duct kit. Addition of new grade for drainage, add sod when complete.

Jonathon L
Stafford, VA
October 2, 2019

Remove shingles and exhaust vent. Install new exhaust vent, ice/water shield, and shingles.

Jennifer C
Arlington, VA
September 11, 2019

SES determined a partial grate drain would be sufficient in this case to isolate the affected area and drain the water to the exterior.

Marjorie N
Centerville, VA
December 12, 2018

Approximately 5 LF crack in rear foundation wall at rear of garage. Open crack where needed, inject high strength adhesive to seal crack. All work carries a three month warranty

Raffaele D
Burke, VA
December 10, 2018

Summit to remove debris/insulation from crawlspace and treat rim joist and subfloor with mold treatment. Summit to dig out inside perimeter of crawlspace and grade for install of the drainage system. Install fastdrain around perimeter walls of the inside crawlspace and connect to sump pumps. backfill with gravel Install 2 crock/basin sump pumps with 1/4 hp motors at low lying point and install PVC runoff drain to outside on the rear right side of the home and dig 12-15 ft away from home and install discharge line with drybox. Hook up electrical for both the sump pump and dehumidifier Air seal top of the rim joist with sprayfoam around perimeter walls and seal any vents. Install R11 foamboard insulation to walls or crawlspace with a vapor barrier. Install crawl shield/ dimple shield mat to the floor of crawlspace to protect the vapor barrier. Install 16mil vapor barrier to the floor of crawlspace and seam tape to walls. Install a wise air 55 dehumidifier and run condensation line to the sump pump. Remove the entry frame and dig out to install a watertight turtle system to allow access to the crawlspace. Crawlspace fastdrain system comes with a 25year warranty on the system itself, dehumidifier and sump pumps come with the manufacturer warranty only. any natural disasters or foundation issues are not covered.

Phillip H
Stafford, VA
December 6, 2018

Summit to clean crawlspace of debris, sterifab treat to clean. Install 16mil vapor barrier to the floor of crawlspace and 2 ft up the walls. Install R13 batted insulation under subfloor of crawlspace and tuck in voids of the rim joist. install a composite insulated entry door.

Dotty L
Catlett, VA
December 3, 2018

Small basement had 24 inches of standing water. Existing sump pump was not functioning properly, excessive leaves and sediment in existing, open crock. Once dewatering was completed water was entering floor from weep holes drilled in concrete block wall and from blocked drain box outside and into basement under door. Drain was blocked due to leaves. Water has reached a maximum height of 36 inches as evidenced by the wet line on the block wall. Due to severe conditions in the small basement the following is needed. Full GrateDrain system around perimeter of basement. 1: Use jackhammer to remove floor only, from out 9 inches from inside edge of footer. 2: excavate down to just below underside of floor. 3: Install GrateDrain system and backfill with washed type 56 stone. 4: Drill additional weep holes along entire perimeter to permit water to enter FlexiFlange along wall, up 12-16 inches, seal to wall with fasteners and finish seal adhesive. 5: Cover with high strength concrete and finish flush with floor. GrateSump and FastSump system with backup battery, inverter and high water alarm. 1: Remove and demo existing sump liner (open). Install new GrateSump liner in floor with FastSump 1/3rd HP pump. Tie in existing box drain from walkout landing to GrateDrain system. Line is already run to area where sump is currently installed 2: Abandon existing discharge line as it exits basement. Re-run the discharge line higher up the wall. Install IceCop antifreeze device and tie into existing discharge line. 3: To supplement existing GrateDrain, install SpeedE channel across doorway inside of door, past threshold and tie into GrateDrain system below Install Atrium drain cover over existing box drain. Use existing drain line which is already 30+ LF from home. SES will not guarantee this drain will function properly. Install deep cycle battery, inverter and high water alarm on custom fabricated shelf a minimum of 3 feet from floor to keep dry. Install R19 kraft faced batted insulation in subfloor of basement. Rodent entry in one of the existing windows. Seal space with sheet of PVC panel, caulk and seal to wall. Custom work: 1:Re-attach door jamb on each side of door with masonry anchors. Trim bottom of jamb up to at least 3 inches from floor. 2: Fabricate a sloped concrete curb at threshold of doorway, a minimum of 3 inches high by 3 inches wide. The GrateDrain system carries a fully transferable lifetime warranty for workmanship and materials. The custom shelving and concrete curb carry a 1 year warranty. The FastSump system carries separate manufacturers warranty. The proposal includes an inspection and servicing ofthe sump pump and the GrateDrain system at the end of the first year of service. It is highly recommended this be done yearly to prevent any further problems in the basement.

Jaqueline I
Manassas, VA
November 26, 2018

We offered a trapping program for 5 days. We repaired fascia board on the front of the home on left corner, wrap front with metal, white in color. We install RVG over rear attic fan. We removed insulation from attic and droppings and used sterifab to treat and kill any bacteria, mites, and lice. We blow in R38 cellulose insulation to meet VA codes.

Terry W
Reston, VA
November 26, 2018

In closet under foyer remove a piece of 2x8 right below the sub floor framing and a piece of plywood next to it. Inspect for additional damage behind those pieces of wood. Apply a new coat of masonry waterproofing paint (white) to closet space under foyer. Exterior: As facing front door, excavate down 8-12 inches below grade and install heavy plastic, bonded to the foundation wall and tie in the existing front downspout discharge line. Run a perforated pipe to stop, right turn to the first part of sidewalk and tunnel beneath to the other side. Continue with perforated pipe along right side foundation wall and terminate near rear corner of home into a drain box installed in the soil, flush with the surface. Drain box will be filled with crushed stone and serviceable. Fill the trench with washed type 56 stone flush with grade.

Fred H
Alexandria, VA
November 7, 2018

The following steps took place for repairs of home and crawlspace. Trapping of raccoons from the crawlspace, Once raccoons are removed, removal of lower band boards on the left and right side of the home, install of new composite band boards and attach to home, color is white. Inside crawlspace, clean out debris, raccoon droppings, vapor barrier from addition will be removed too due to smell. Sterifab treatment to be done to kill bacteria, mites, and lice. Spot treatment for mold to be sprayed at rafters and rim joist. Summit to dig out original crawlspace at the entry door and inside in order to work, dirt/mud to be removed and leveled out, current work height is less than 18". Summit to dig perimeter and install concrete and barrier wall using 1/2" screen on right and left side where new band boards were installed to prevent mice, raccoons, and squirrels from burrowing under. Summit to then dig entire perimeter of the original home and install fast drain system and connect to the additional crawlspace drain system. Summit to spray foam 2" on walls on additional crawlspace for proper insulation and rim joist. Dimple shield to be installed to the floors of both crawlspaces to protect the vapor barrier and prevent trapping of water. Installation of 16mil vapor barrier to be installed in both crawlspaces and attached to walls. Install WiseAir 55 dehumidifier to be installed in the original crawlspace and electrical hooked up for a sump pump and dehumidifier. Condensation to run to the sump pump. Fast Drain System comes with a 25-year warranty and sump pump and dehumidifier come with a 3-5 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Marriah U
Stafford, VA
November 5, 2018

Summit will do the following in order to redirect the water entering crawlspace. Summit to first remove the 6ft long black snake from crawlspace in order to do work. Summit will cut a hole through the division block wall in order to install the fast drain in front of the home. Summit will dig out the front of foundation and install fast drain system to stop the water from flowing throughout crawlspace. backfill with gravel . on right front corner of the crawlspace, install a crock/basin sump pump and 1/3hp pump. a hole will be cut through block foundation in order to run water out and away from the crawlspace. Summit will have the electrical hooked up and run for the sump pump.

Jed C
Waterford,, VA
November 5, 2018

Install Crawlshield 16 mil reinforced liner with Dimpleshield beneath for protection. Remove existing batted insulation in floor as it’s installed backwards. Install Borafoam 2” EPS rigid foam to foundation walls, (R11) and leave a 1” reveal for termite inspection at sill plate. Seal rim joists with 2 inches of closed cell foam around exterior perimeter (R13) Install 2 new doors for hatch access into the basement, and sealing around duct and HVAC exhaust/intake supply pipes. Install 2 inducers in trunk line in watch crawlspace to pressurize space. Install 2 passive transfer grills in each hatch opening to distribute conditioned air back into living space. Hatch covers are custom fit and require additional framing to account for the supply and exhaust lines for the HVAC and trunk line. Includes a 25-year transferable warranty.

Walter B
Centreville, VA
October 23, 2018

The small closet area in the basement has some minor efflorescence. No water entering space. Will need to apply 2 coats of masonry waterproofing paint, white, to approximately 60 sq/ft space. Work is guaranteed for 1 year.

Linda R
Manassas, VA
October 19, 2018

Summit to grade crawlspace and remove dirt from perimeter walls to install great drain and crock/ basin with a liner with 1/2 pump to include battery back up and alarm. Mold treatment under the crawlspace and joist. Install dimple shield to the floor of the crawlspace and 16mil vapor barrier. spray foam 2in insulation on walls of the foundation. install a dehumidifier and hook up.

Renato B
Stafford, VA
October 19, 2018

Recommend the following to address the water issues. Install the GrateDrain system along affected areas, bypass basement bathroom with a lateral line around the bathroom. Join to GrateDrain system in the laundry room and terminate at finished wall along the side of the home. Install through rec room, until rear utility room around HVAC and install GrateSump with an inverter, battery and high water alarm between HVAC and WH. Penetrate block and brick approximately 24 inches off the rear ground, through anti-freeze device and out to right side of the deck staircase. All GrateDrain systems include installation at footer sill, level with the underside of the slab. Install flex flange along the entire area and seal to the wall with a finishing seal. Cover with high strength concrete. The customer can restore the walls. Customer understands they will need to have the walls removed up 24 inches from the floor including studs. They will also need to move all items away from walls to facilitate installation. The carpet will need to be pulled up and out of the way especially around the bathroom for the lateral line. They will be responsible for replacing the walls once work is complete. GrateDrain system carries a lifetime, fully and freely transferable warranty. any other components carry their respective manufacturer's warranties.

Julie T
Fredericksburg, VA
October 1, 2018

We cleared the crawlspace of insulation and vapor barrier, spot mold treated throughout crawlspace and sterifab treated to kill any bacteria, mites or lice. We sealed exterior vents on foundation walls and air sealed with spray foam, Included sprayfoam insulate the top of foundation wall at sill plate and installed an inducer to circulate air in the crawlspace in HVAC unit. We installed R11 Foamboard insulation with a vapor barrier to walls in the crawlspace and installed a 16mil vapor barrier to floors and attach to walls with seam tape to include center support columns. Installed a Santa Fe dehumidifier with condensation line and pump for the area of 2500sq run line through the vent for runoff and seal around the hole. mice treat around the exterior of the home and in crawlspace before and after work complete.

Robert M
Fredericksburg, VA
October 1, 2018

No water in the basement but block CMU walls are damp in some places with moderate efflorescence. Recommend cleaning all affected areas and applying masonry waterproofing paint up approximately 3 feet. Apply 2 full coats. No need to remove wall studs as there is enough room behind to get a brush in there. Apply masonry waterproofing under stairs, 8x3 space.

James T
Fairfax, VA
September 27, 2018

Water entering front basement wall. Install GrateDrain system along with front and left side wall, as facing from the inside basement with flex flange up approximately 12” from the floor on 2 walls. Install flush port in the floor. Cover with high strength concrete. Install GrateSump with 1/3rd hp pump and high water alarm in the floor left front corner of the room. Run discharge line up and inside where the wall is now, turn and discharge through brick outside of a home near the sidewalk. 20 LF approx. The discharge will end at drain box with washed stone flush with soil level. Customer understands the sump liner will not be 100% hidden below the floor as an electrical cord will need to pass out of the floor to an outlet. Customer will provide a dedicated outlet. The homeowner will be responsible for removing up to 24” of drywall and studs/sill plate. Also, an additional blowout panel or two will be needed where the discharge line runs up inside the wall and out of the home. Includes lifetime, fully transferable warranty on GrateDrain system, 3-year warranty on GrateSump.

Matthew C
Arlington, VA
September 19, 2018

Install Wise Air 55 dehumidifier near existing sump. The additional electrical outlet will need to be installed. Discharge condensate to the sump via gravity feed. The existing sump is too high in crawl space. Water is settling above the existing encapsulation. Remove existing crock, install new 24” diameter crock, with lid and excavate to set crock at the proper level. Install washed stone around crock and reinstall. Extend the discharge line as needed. The sump pump is gurgling loudly due to no weep hole. Drill 1/8th inch weep hole in line near couple at the pump. Existing discharge line is at the soil surface and runs under the rear edge of gravel driveway out to an open discharge at the sidewalk. The pipe is completely exposed to weather and susceptible to freezing. Recommend re-drilling discharge line a minimum of 15 inches above the soil line, installing IceCop antifreeze device. At the corner where the line runs along driveway excavate enough to settle line. Install pop up drain at discharge exit at the sidewalk. Reset depth of discharge line. Seal off abandoned discharge line where it exited crawl space.

Chris G
Orange, VA
September 4, 2018

Water entering multiple locations. Excessive humidity and sweating from HVAC duct line in the basement. Install perimeter system around entire basement. The walkout has excessive water entering as well. Recommend installing drain grate in a low spot at walk out. It is advised to perform regular checks on the walkout drain to prevent clogs. SES cannot be responsible for the failure. To maintain walkout drain. Install the GrateDrain system Install flexiflange 2’ up wall around the entire perimeter. install drain in rear well and pipe into the basement and into the GrateDrain system. Install GrateSump with liner, battery backup system with sealed 100 Amp battery and 12V inverter. Includes high water alarm Includes radon test kit Includes installation of Radon port in GrateDrain system Discharge line run through rear of basement to right side of rear of home, approximately 20 LF Includes lifetime transferable warranty and first year inspection free of charge. GrateSump, battery and inverter carries separate manufacturers warranties.

Nicholas H
Herndon, VA
August 22, 2018

Found water entering basement in multiple locations. Home has two old sumps with one open pit but Water is still getting through walls. Existing old footer drain has likely silted over and clogged. Due to water intrusion basement will need a full perimeter GrateDrain system. We propose the following: Install the GrateDrain system around the entire perimeter. Install 12” flex flange along entire perimeter wall, drill weep holes in concrete block pockets to move water quickly into GrateDrain. Install flex flange up to 12 inches up wall and seal. Install 2 clear check valves. At egress window install drain box and penetrate into basement down into GrateDrain system. Cover over all existing work with high strength concrete finished flush with the existing floor. Demo existing sump pits and install a dual GrateSump system with sump joiner. The install will require separating discharge lines as they combine in the basement. Discharge line out from basement is 1 1/4”. Will have to seal off and install (2) 1 1/2 inch discharge lines out of the basement. Install 2 Ice Cop anti freeze devices and terminate discharge lines with 4” corrugated “Y” at the line in the garden next to the basement and to the line already run under the lawn. All work carries a 5-year warranty for workmanship and labor. The sump systems carry a 3-year warranty. Homeowners will take care of moving everything toward the center. The homeowner also has extensive computer equipment in the basement and will need to cover all of it and disconnect it from power or protect it from the work area.

Paul M
Alexandria, VA
July 23, 2018

Summit provided waterproofing that stopped the leaking under the stairs.

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