GrateSump™ Pump Installation Throughout Fairfax, Alexandria & Arlington, VA

A sump pump is a great way to collect excess water from drains and pump away from your house. Therefore if your basement is having water more often installing a sump pump is the best option and when it comes to installing a sump pump system you should rely on only the best quality and most durable sump pump systems. This is where GrateSump™ comes in. Only GrateSump™ has several key features to ensure performance while remaining outmatched and more reliable than any other sump pump system in the industry.

At Summit Waterproofing we believe in using the best products to provide a complete waterproofing system. Our team has the knowledge and experience to transform your wet musty basement into a dry and healthy usable space in Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Middleburg, Ruby, and other Virginia cities that we serve.

Benefits of Having GrateSump™ Installed in Virginia

GrateSump Installation
  • A typical sump pump can remove sediment from under the basement footing leading to foundation weakening but GrateSump™ doesn't do that.
  • The GrateSump™ has large engineered slots on the front two sides that help in reducing clog and increasing water flow.
  • It has a built-in pump stand that keeps the sump pump from sucking up any debris and helps in routine cleanings.
  • The permanent mesh filter of the pump can be cleaned from inside the sump liner.
  • Sump cover of the GrateSumps™ comes with impressive "steel like" grey plastic covers that prevent ground moisture from making its way to the basement.
  • It has an easy on/off cover so there are no screws to keep track of.
  • It has a dual combination so it can easily be linked together to add additional pumps or battery backup systems.
  • The dehumidifier drain plug enables connecting your dehumidifier to the built-in drain plug therefore it can drain itself on its own right into your GrateSump™ system.
  • It comes with 3 years of warranty.

Contact Summit Waterproofing Solutions for Basement Drainage Issues in Aldie

Basement Drainage Issues

At Summit Waterproofing Solutions, we deal with water problems ranging from unfinished, damp basements to flooded, finished basements with the best and patented products. Along with repairing leaks, we fix the drainage and water-flow problems that lead to water leaks and dampness with Grate Products in Aldie, Boston, Middleburg, Ruby, Warrenton, and throughout Northern Virginia. Our team has the knowledge and experience to transform your wet musty basement into a dry and healthy usable space. We put all of our inspectors and installers through rigorous training and only use our own full-time employees on projects.

We offer-

  • Free estimate
  • 24/7 Rapid response
  • Fully insured and certified company
  • Own trained full-time employees

When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 703-832-4949 to schedule a service or get additional information.


Healthy Basement & Healthy Crawl Space Certificates

Our high standard of quality ensures a healthy basement with a Nationally Backed Warranty.

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