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Summit Waterproofing Solutions is your trusted, local basement health expert in the Fairfax, Alexandria & Arlington, VA areas. Our complete basement waterproofing system includes all the solutions you need for a dry, comfortable, odor-free basement; no matter what’s causing your issues. We offer sump pump repair and install, basement drainage systems, dehumidifiers, encapsulation, crack repairs, vapor barriers, and more.

Our team at Summit Waterproofing Solutions  has the knowledge and experience to transform your wet musty basement or crawl space into a dry and healthy usable space.

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Our range of basement and crawl space services in Arlington include:

If your basement has ever leaked or flooded, then you should consider a quality basement waterproofing system. Without basement waterproofing, water problems never get better, they only get worse. Even if water leaks are uncommon, your home's air quality can be impacted and your ability to finish your basement is restricted. Contact us at 703-832-4949 for help with your basement and crawl space repairs in Arlington, VA or surrounding areas.

Customer Reviews from Arlington
Mike K. from Arlington, VA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Yelp
Jan 6th, 2021
Summit installed a partial French drain in a room in my house that was always damp, wet, musty, and regularly had a slick of water in one corner. I was at my wit's end because I could see the previous owner had already tried a French drain. Summit came out, told me right away they could almost certainly fix the problem, and carefully explained what they would do and how it would improve the situation. I could tell the person who did the estimate knew what he was talking about, so I gave it a shot. The crew worked through terrible conditions - rain and cold - and kept on schedule. The quality and thoroughness of the work has far exceeded my expectations. I honestly didn't think they would solve the problem entirely, but here we are with a completely dry room. No musty smell, no water slicks, no damp and moldy conditions. Price was reasonable and bottom line, Summit fixed the problem. I can't recommend Summit enough and will use them again on other projects. 5 stars.
Sonja D. from Arlington, VA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Nov 5th, 2019
The whole team cares about the service they provide. They do a thorough assessment and offer what they think need to be done. I so appreciated the honesty about what could wait and why versus what was important to do immediately. When working with different areas of service, they had communicated with each other and offered high level care to me. The work done was professional and excellent and fast.
Gwendolyn F. from Arlington, VA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Aug 15th, 2019
I have been a customer of Summit for many years and have always received excellent service. In the event of a concern, it is addressed quickly and resolved professionally. I am extremely satisfied with their service.
Gwendolyn F. from Arlington, VA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Aug 6th, 2019
I have been a customer of Summit for many years and have always received excellent service. In the event of a concern, it is addressed quickly and resolved professionally. I am extremely satisfied with their service.
Jack H. from Arlington, VA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Home Advisor
Feb 26th, 2019
Very professional & knowledgable, and fairly priced.
Completed Jobs from Arlington
Patrick M.
May 3, 2021

Install heavy duty battery with inverter for existing sump pump. Clean out crock and inspect pump for any issues. Install battery backed up high water alarm. 

Ann G.
February 17, 2021

Removal of old soiled bed at insulation under subfloor in side of confined crawlspace to include old vapor barrier and removal in sucking out of visible rodent droppings. Disinfect treat to kill any hantavirus, bacteria’s, or parasites. Deodorize Treatment to be conducted after clean out is completed. Spray foam foundation walls with 2 inches of spray foam for proper installation and spray foam rim Joist around perimeter. Install dimple shield floor matting inside crawlspace under vapor barrier. Install 16 mill vapor barrier to floor and attached to foundation walls to include overlapping and seam taping. Dig out an area under entry points of crawlspace to install Santa Fe subcompact dehumidifier with dehumidistat and condensate pump. Runoff line for dehumidifier to be extracted through corner of foundation vent and sealed. Let’s go to be hooked up to designated outlet.

Yinka O.
January 29, 2021

Drop lattice in small cellar that is attached to basement and remove batted insulation, spray foam 2 inches to subfloor to include around exterior perimeter sill plate. Plate and air seal right foundation vent. Install plywood back in place of where lattice was.

Philip H.
January 28, 2021

Remove all debris, trash, vapor barrier, boards on floor joists, and insulation in the small crawlspace on left side of home. Sterifab to disinfect. Install R19 batted fiberglass insulation in the floor joist secured with metal rods. Install R11 bora foam board on the walls. Spray foam the rim joists with 2 inches of closed cell spray foam. Install a dimple shield and white 16 mil vapor barrier on the floor of the crawlspace. Secure the vapor barrier to the r11 bora foam board. Install an air inducer on trunk line indicated by the technician to condition the space. Existing hvac supply lines will be secured to the joists after boards are removed. 

Finished GrateDrain-Arlington,VA Harol S.
January 6, 2021

Basement is gutted for full remodel. Install GrateDrain system on front wall, right side and rear wall of basement. Includes full Heavy Duty Finish Shield from floor to ceiling. HDFS will be sealed to walls, at all seams and integrated with flexi flange to prevent moisture from entering living space. Install additional GrateDrain in bottom landing of walkout on rear wall and side wall and direct into GrateDrain System inside. Install new drain box in walkout and direct inside through dedicated line to sump liner. Includes installation of Grate Sump 1/3rd HP pump with liner, check valve and high water alarm. Floor will be finished with high strength concrete with flush ports for servicing installed in floor. Discharge out right side of home past front most shrub to direct water away from home. Installation includes heavy duty battery with inverter to prevent issues during power outages.

Before and After Job Photos from Arlington

Mary M.

Installation of Vapor Barrier, Crawlshield, Spray Foam, and Insulate Entry Point.
January 13, 2020

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