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Summit Waterproofing Solutions is your trusted, local basement health expert in the Fairfax, Alexandria & Arlington, VA areas. Our complete basement waterproofing system includes all the solutions you need for a dry, comfortable, odor-free basement; no matter what’s causing your issues. We offer sump pump repair and install, basement drainage systems, dehumidifiers, encapsulation, crack repairs, vapor barriers, and more.

Our team at Summit Waterproofing Solutions  has the knowledge and experience to transform your wet musty basement or crawl space into a dry and healthy usable space.

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If your basement has ever leaked or flooded, then you should consider a quality basement waterproofing system. Without basement waterproofing, water problems never get better, they only get worse. Even if water leaks are uncommon, your home's air quality can be impacted and your ability to finish your basement is restricted. Contact us at 703-832-4949 for help with your basement and crawl space repairs in Manassas, VA or surrounding areas.

Customer Reviews from Manassas
Mary P. from Manassas, VA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Home Advisor
Aug 21st, 2018
We had a crawlspace encapsulation with mold amelioration and a dehumidifier installed. The whole process was quick and was able to be scheduled in an expedited manner. They even did extra work when they noticed a family of mice had moved in and removed them and added better screening to keep future mice out.
Angela W. from Manassas, VA
4 Stars
Reviewed on Home Advisor
Mar 7th, 2018
Project: Install or Upgrade Batt, Rolled or Reflective Insulation
Comments: The company professional. Advised what was to be done in writing and to make understood.
Angela W. from Manassas, VA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Home Advisor
Mar 6th, 2018
The company professional. Advised what was to be done in writing and to make understood.
Adah M. from Manassas, VA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Home Advisor
Feb 11th, 2017
Terry V from Manassas, VA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Home Advisor
Feb 18th, 2016
The workers were very professional and the office staff was very helpful
Michael S from Manassas, VA
4 Stars
Reviewed on Home Advisor
Mar 4th, 2015
I decided against the spray foam insulation and went with 6 mil over the floor and 6" up the wall with R-39 in between the floor joists. The team I had did a really good job. I only had to remind them to put the new crawl space door in place.
Completed Jobs from Manassas
Crawlspace-Encapsulation-After Ida R
February 2, 2020
Crawlspace Insulation Replace R19 batted insulation under crawlspace in basement 16” on center Basic Encapsulation - Clean out crawlspace Remove existing debris and insulation and dispose vapor barrier rake to level the floor to crawlspace and removal of old insulation and vapor barrier Mold Treatment Apply mold killer to subfloor and joist system using sprayer. KILZ, or Annabec or comparable material. this will kill existing mold on wood surfaces. mold may be still visible but will be dead. Seal one Foundation Crack
Colin W
June 6, 2018
Water has entered the basement in the window well and through a crack at various locations. Recommend installation of drain box inside window well, carry water down into the foundation drain system. Install FastDrain systems approx 35 LF along rear basement wall, stopping at the right-hand side of the window frame. Includes a 1’ Reinforced HDFS strip up the concrete block wall to facilitate drainage into the system. Weep holes will be drilled at the pockets to also facilitate drainage. Install Grate Sump at the left corner under storage shelf. Water discharge will be above the shelf and out to daylight along the left side of the home as facing and to the right of the chimney. Discharge into the rock drainage system approximately 12 feet from home. Includes full battery backup system with inverter and 12V deep cycle battery.
Jaqueline I
November 26, 2018
We offered a trapping program for 5 days. We repaired fascia board on the front of the home on left corner, wrap front with metal, white in color. We install RVG over rear attic fan. We removed insulation from attic and droppings and used sterifab to treat and kill any bacteria, mites, and lice. We blow in R38 cellulose insulation to meet VA codes.
Photo Caption Linda R
October 19, 2018
Summit to grade crawlspace and remove dirt from perimeter walls to install great drain and crock/ basin with a liner with 1/2 pump to include battery back up and alarm. Mold treatment under the crawlspace and joist. Install dimple shield to the floor of the crawlspace and 16mil vapor barrier. spray foam 2in insulation on walls of the foundation. install a dehumidifier and hook up.
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