Sump Pump Inspection

Sump Pump Inspection in Fairfax, Alexandria & Arlington, VA

When water enters your crawl space or basement it becomes the most important to redirect the water away from your home. Sump pump systems come in very handy in this kind of situation. They work by collecting water from below the basement or crawl space floor and pump it away.  However, in order to keep your sump pump working properly for years, a routine inspection is very much needed. Otherwise, the pump will fail to channel the water away, making the crawlspace or basement damp, moldy, and damaged.

Sump Pump Inspection

At Summit Waterproofing we provide you the best sump pump services in Middleburg, Ruby, and other Virginia cities that we serve. If you have a sump pump in your basement or crawl space, and want to keep it up-to-date call us at 703-832-4949 or contact us online for an inspection. If you need to replace a sump pump with a new one we have sump pump installation services.

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Why Does The Sump Pump Need To Be Regularly Inspected?

Sump Pump Inspection

Many sump pump owners tend to ignore the importance of a routine inspection of their sump pumps because it has an alarm to inform if it loses power, gets clogged, or stops working for any reason. However, your pump can stop working without you knowing it if the alarm stops working, leading to serious damage and flooding. Therefore, it is wiser to have a routine inspection such as once in 3-4 months or at least once a year.

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The professionals at Summit Waterproofing provide you sump pump inspection service to identify any issues that can lead to water leaks and dampness. We also offer complete waterproofing systems for your basement and crawlspace in Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria, and throughout Northern Virginia. We put all of our inspectors and installers through rigorous training and only use our own full-time employees on projects. Contact us online or give us a call at 703-832-4949 to schedule a service or if you have any queries.

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