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Push Piers Installation in Fairfax, Alexandria & Arlington, VA

Looking for a way to solve your foundation settlement? Is your foundation unstable? At Summit Waterproofing Solutions, we offer you push piers that are foundation stabilization products that can be used to fix foundation settlement. Our experts have both the skill and experience to keep your home or business safe from an unstable foundation. We are available in Northern Virginia, including PhilomontLovettsville, Arlington, Fairfax, and Alexandria.

Signs of Foundation Settlement

Gaps between windows and walls

The struggle of opening windows or doors

Cracks in the foundation walls and floor

Slanted floors

Burst water pipes

Contact Summit Waterproofing Solutions for Push Piers Installation

The professionals at Summit Waterproofing is your local trusted expert at foundation waterproofing. With our own full-time employees, we will repair and waterproof your foundation. Our systems can be designed to meet the needs of any home, regardless of age or size. 

We also fix all the leaks and cracks and correct any drainage and water flow system leading to leakage and dampness. We are your local trusted waterproofing company serving Northern Virginia families.

Benefits of Choosing Summit Waterproofing Solutions

  • Free estimate
  • 24/7 Rapid response
  • Fully insured and certified company
  • Own trained full-time employees

Contact us online or give us a call at 703-832-4949 to schedule a service or get more information.

Healthy Basement & Healthy Crawl Space Certificates

Our high standard of quality ensures a healthy basement with a Nationally Backed Warranty.