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Mold Prevention in Fairfax, Alexandria & Arlington, VA

Mold tends to grow when there is a source of moisture, warmth and a food source available. Unfortunately, in homes there is an abundance of organic materials such as wood and drywall. The best way to prevent mold from making its way into your home is by keeping your home as dry as possible.

Prevent Moisture

Mold requires a day or two’s worth of moisture to be able to grow. So if there are organic materials that have been wet for more than a day, then you run a high risk of mold propagating in that area.

No Water Leaks

Moisture problems are mostly caused when there’s leaking anywhere in the home. Make sure to check for any leaky roofs, walls, pipes, and taps that may be leaking excess moisture when you aren’t aware of it or a leaky shower.

Once you can confirm that there are leaks of this type, you should get them fixed without delay, before the mold sets in.

No Condensation

Condensation is liquid that forms on cold surfaces when water vapor slowly becomes liquid. That’s what you’ll see on metal pipes, concrete walls, water tanks, and even windows. To reduce the chances of condensation happening, keep the temperature high in your home by installing insulation. The surfaces can also be insulated by covering up metal pipes, for example. Keeping humidity low can lower the chances of condensation happening.

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Get a Dehumidifier

If the humidity is left alone, mold can also begin to grow even without pure moisture. Some mold is strong enough to grow even when the humidity levels are only at 55%. One of the best ways to keep humidity low is to improve the ventilation. Keep windows open during the day, especially when humidity is low outside. But when it’s raining, keep your windows closed.

When steam and moisture build-up, it’s important to ventilate the room thoroughly, so make sure to open a window after a shower, to let all the moisture seep out.

Install a Sump Pump

A sump pump makes sure that any moisture that does somehow make its way into your basement or crawl space is neatly sucked up before it gets the chance to get mold growing onto it. Make sure that you choose a sump pump that is suitable for your basement or crawl space, and ensure that the water that it does suck up gets a chance to be swept away from your home.

Hang Wet Clothes

Another very common moisture problem stems from wet clothes. After washing them, make sure that you immediately set out to dry your clothes. Don’t leave them in a wet, messy pile for a very long time and don’t leave any wet clothes lying around, just waiting to be dried. The best method to drying your clothes is definitely by using a clothesline outside. If you dry your clothes inside using a clothes rack or an indoor clothesline, the moisture will just evaporate and raise the room’s humidity. If you choose to dry them in a clothes dryer inside your home, make sure to exhaust the air outdoors, as well and make sure that the room where your clothes are being dried has excellent ventilation.

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Some of these tips you can do yourself, but others require a professional touch. Without the right knowledge or tools on hand, you could just be wasting more time and accumulating more bills. Here at Summit Waterproofing, not only do we employ highly-trained professionals, but we also have friendly and professional staff who would be glad to answer any questions you may have about mold prevention. We also have other products that cater to those looking for moisture control and can answer any inquiries towards your basement or crawl space.

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