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Job completed for Jennie S.

Completion date: March 23, 2020

Location: Fairfax, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer needed crawl space repairs.

Solutions provided:

Remove old/soiled fiberglass insulation,  and install R38 value blown-in cellulose to increase home energy performance. Plywood and garage attic floor to be removed to clean insulation, reinstall after completion. Install RVG over attic fan on the roof to prevent further entry from rodents.

Disinfect attic’s, both attics will be treated for bacteria, parasites, and lice.

Screen foundation vents and seal from the inside of crawl space. Install Santa Fe compact crawl space dehumidifier. Condensate line to outside . This unit will maintain crawlspace at desired RH to inhibit mold growth and help create stable humidity level.  Unit should be maintained annually for filter replacement. 

Install temple mat to the floor of crawl space to prevent trapping of moisture under vapor barrier. Air seal rim joist of crawlspace, and install entry door. Install a 12mil vapor barrier to the floor and seam tape to walls. Install R11 foam board with vapor barrier to walls of Crawl Space and seam tape to vapor barrier of floors. Remove ceiling in home except for new ceiling that has been replaced, dispose of debris and reinstall new ceilings total measurement 1898 ft.². Ceilings will be taped, mudded and sanded and prep for paint.

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