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Job completed for Gary N.

Completion date: October 9, 2020

Location: Rhoadsville, VA

Why did the customer contact us?


Excessive condensation from supply duct sweating. Very high humidity with open crawl space vents. Some insulation is falling and some evidence of fungal growth throughout space.


Solutions provided:


Remove insulation from the ceiling and dispose. Install Bora Foam termite resistant foam board on all perimeter up to sill plate. R10 insulation value. All seams taped and sealed. 


Apply closed cell foam to the entire perimeter rim joist. This will provide an air barrier and R13 insulation. Install 16 mil poly reinforced Crawl Shield liner on the entire floor surface. All columns and seams wrapped, taped and sealed. The customer will have HVAC companies installed to make up the air pipe to outside. To address potential mold issues apply sterilizer to the entire space to kill any microbial growth. The customer and any pets will need to be out of the home during work and up to 1 hour after sterilization.  Seal all crawlspace vents and install foam boards on doors with weather stripping. Install carbon monoxide alarms in the area near the air handler. Install inducer in the supply trunk to partially condition space. 

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