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Job completed for Bill M.

Completion date: May 18, 2020

Location: Catlett, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

Issues with groundwater moving under footer into crawl space. Space is open to outside with groundwater and ground moisture issues.

Solutions provided:

Install FastDrain around the entire perimeter, to FastSump with a liner in the left rear next to the wall adjoining basement. Drill weep holes in CMU wall to permit free drainage of any water into the Fast drain system. Discharge out of the right side of the home, 20 LF from the home into a drain box in soil. Cover with washed stone and dispose of excess soil. Install 2 high water alarms. One for a new fast sump and one for an existing sump. Install Bora Foam termite resistant foam board, R10, on walls up to the sill plate. Install 12 mil liner on floor of space, wrap around columns and secure to wall at foam board. All seams will be sealed. Apply 2 inches closed foam to air seal rim joist and limit air infiltration. 

Demo old insulation; install radiant barrier on underside of framing. 

Install a second high water alarm on an existing sump in the basement. Drain system with FastSump and 2 high water alarms.

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