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Job completed for Patty L.

Completion date: June 8, 2020

Location: Jeffersonton, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had problems with mold and moisture in their crawl space.

Solutions provided:

Found evidence of multiple types of fungal growth in space. Blanket insulation on exterior walls, non vented space and not to code. To correct issues with mold, ground moisture and comfort the following must be addressed: Install 16 mil Crawl Shield liner with Dimple Shield under liner to protect from the rocky soil.  Attach liner to walls and seal. Run liner up interior wall to sill plate. Install Bora Foam board, (R10) on walls up to sill plate. Treat the entire space for fungal growth with commercial sterilizer. Apply 2 inches of closed cell foam to exterior rim joist (R13) and air seal rim joist. Customer will remove blanket insulation and existing batted at rim joists plus remove minor debris from space. To condition space, install an inducer in the supply trunk. 

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