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Job completed for Danny M.

Completion date: June 29, 2020

Location: Annandale, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

Water pooling mostly along sides and rear of crawl space. The HVAC condensate line is draining into an open line at front and depositing water in that area. High moisture in space.

Solutions provided:

Install FastDrain system on sides and rear with FastSump and liner in right rear corner. Extend discharge line to left front corner of home, through garden discharge into drain box at edge of soil. Install a high water alarm and check valve. A dedicated electrical outlet will be installed by a licensed electrician which SES will provide. Install 12 mil reinforced liner over existing liner, up walls to sill plate. Seal all crawlspace vents. Install inducer to partially condition space. Reroute condensate line from front of crawlspace to rear and discharge into drain system.  Seal off drain pipe in front of space. Cap sewer discharge line in right rear. 2 inch ABS. Recommend a battery backup with inverter for FastSump and a WiseAire 60 dehumidifier to dry out space. Garage attic has inadequate batted insulation. Two skylights have no insulation around them. Remove batted insulation and debris from garage attic. Install baffles in attic space at eaves. Install plywood baffle around access hatch. Apply R30 batts around both skylights. Blow in R38 cellulose around entire attic. Install 3 Non-IC light can covers for recessed lights. Replace a single piece of rake and return next to the kitchen with white PVC. Caulk/seal as needed. Demo damaged attic stairs. Install new aluminum and wood attic ladder. Trim may need to be reset to complete installation. SES will reset trim and customers can paint. Attic tent. Install insulated attic tent for new attic ladder. Bathroom vent pipe, 2nd floor guest. Pipe dumps into attic beneath insulation. Extend pipe to roof, install new roof vent. Caulk and seal opening. Master Bathroom fan install. Remove existing bathroom light. Install new 80 CFM fan/light combo with rotary timer on single gang switch. Run dPowder room fan installation. Install new fan in ceiling over toilet. Duct out to rear siding with bird guard. Install a second switch on the wall. Patch any blowouts and prep for paint only. GFCI installation. Check and install GFCI outlets for kitchen (2) receptacles, master bath and guest bath on second floor. Install fan rated box in center of MBR ceiling. Single gang switch to be converted to double gang, single control for fan circuit. 

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