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Job completed for Azlee B.

Completion date: July 27, 2020

Location: Culpeper, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

Floor drains in the basement and walkout are clogged and water is backing up into the basement. Floor drain system is tied into the old basement drain system but water is not entering sump crock.


Solutions provided:

At a minimum will need to have a plumber scope both drains and if possible snake out both drains, approximately 40 LF and perform a drain test to confirm if they are unplugged. May also need additional excavation if pipe collapse or other non removable obstructions are noted. Demo existing failed drain system. Water entering the basement in multiple locations. Install full perimeter GrateDrain system with FlexiFlange. Install new FastSump with liner in the left rear corner including a high water alarm and check valve. Use the existing sump liner in the right front corner. Clean out the front crock and install new FastSump with check valve and high water alarm. The GrateDrain system carries a lifetime warranty and is fully transferable. Discharge for rear FastSump is out to the left rear side of the home, 15 LF. Front system with existing discharge will need to be inspected to confirm it functions as designed and both will have drainboxes installed flush with the soil line.

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