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Job completed for David G.

Completion date: August 25, 2020

Location: Vienna, VA

Why did the customer contact us?


The customer needed a new sump pump.


Solutions provided:


Install one sealable sump crock next to existing sump crock. Connect the two with a 4 inch pvc pipe. Install a new pro series 3033 1/3 hp sump pump with check valve and discharge line. New sump pumps will be installed in the new sump crock higher than the existing sump pump in existing sump crock. If a new electrical outlet is needed, Summit will have to charge additional price for installation. Discharge line will run out on the left side of the home. Run off rigid pipe will be run from discharge point to indicated spot in front of home indicated by technician. A drain box will be installed with clean stone surrounding. Summit is not responsible for any grass that dies in the process. Grass seed will be put down after installation is finished. Flex pipe that discharges the downspouts will be extended to the drain box. 

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