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Job completed for Schatem B.

Completion date: September 18, 2020

Location: Chantilly, VA

Why did the customer contact us?


Customer called about sump pump services. 


Solutions provided:


Dig out around the perimeter of the crawl space and install a fast rainwater system to include a flex flange 2 foot up the wall and hook up to the sump pump. Install sump pump to include cracking basin. Pump will be a 1/3 hp extraction pump, punch hole through foundation wall to daylight runoff water. Install or 11 on board with a vapor barrier to crawl space perimeter walls and seam tape to vapor barrier. Install 16mil vapor barrier to floor and seam tape to walls. Install dimple shelter floor of crawl space under vapor barrier to prevent trapping of moisture. Removal of old insulation and vapor barrier from crawlspace to include clean up of debris and mold treat throughout crawlspace to also include removal of Skunk droppings. And deodorize treatment. Sterifab treat to kill any bacteria, mites. Relocate existing dehumidifier and hook up additional runoff line and relocate condensate line from front of home to rear of home for water runoff and seal hole with concrete filler at foundation where previous condensate line was located. Look at existing 4 foot hole in corner of crawlspace To see if it can be filled or covered. Additional material for pre-existing do you make a fire will be needed to include condensate pump and 25 foot of condensate runoff line. 

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