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Job completed for Leslie M.

Completion date: July 27, 2020

Location: West Springfield, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer needed their crawl space updated.

Solutions provided:

Remove existing vapor retarder. Install 12 mil liner to walls, seal to walls. Install Bora Foam board on exterior walls up to the sill plate. R11. Apply 2 inches closed cell foam to the exterior rim joist to stop air infiltration and insulate. R13Install WiseAir 60 commercial grade dehumidifier with hanger kit, condensate pump and duct from crawlspace into utility room. Install electrical circuit in crawl space by qualified electrician. Laundry room, front of home, has some inward deflection, stage 1, recommend installation of 4 steel braces along the wall to stabilize and prevent any further inward deflection. There is no guarantee to straighten walls. Customers may install new studs and drywall when work is completed. Install Thermal Shield barrier along front wall in utility room, storage room and side wall from floor to ceiling. Seal to wall and pin.

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