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Job completed for Helen T.

Completion date: January 19, 2021

Location: Alexandria, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had water pooling in their crawl space.

Solutions provided:

Sump pump failed and allowed crawlspace to fill with water. Issues with excess debris, likely fungal growth throughout space. Property is subject to constant water issues due to elevation and possible underground water movement. To remediate issues the following will be needed. Clean all debris out of space including any remaining insulation that has not fallen. Install Crawlshield reinforced liner with dimpleshield drain mat up to walls and wrap all columns. Install Borafoam termite resistant board, R10, on all walls up to sill plate to insulate and provide additional protection against water vapor. To stop air infiltration apply 2 inches of closed cell foam to entire perimeter rim joist to air seal and provide R13 insulation. Expand entry point into crawlspace with larger opening on exterior side. Frame in with treated wood and install sloped crawlspace hatch door. Insulate door from elements. Seal all crawl space vents. Install inducer in supply duct to partially condition space. To address any probably mold or fungal problems treat entire space with sterilizer including framing. House must be unoccupied during spray foam and sterilizer and up to 2 hours after treatment/application. 

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