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Job completed for Scott D.

Completion date: May 17, 2021

Location: Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The floor joists were sinking in the customer’s crawl space.

Solutions provided:

5 columns are out of plumb by less than 1 degree. Some subsidence of the columns has caused some minor issues within the living space. Most of the shims are not carrying the beam loads and bearing surfaces correctly. There is no need at this time to install additional lally columns. Shims have been installed incorrectly and need to be removed/replaced. Additional shims will need to be installed to bring the framing back up closer to level. Due to some differential subsidence it is not possible to bring it to perfectly level. Install shim packs on 5 columns with existing steel shims. Re check level on all columns. 

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