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Job completed for Megan J.

Completion date: May 17, 2021

Location: Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA

Why did the customer contact us?


The crawl space had fungal growth and wood rot.


Solutions provided:


Perform basic encapsulation to seal home from soil and exterior. Remove all damaged insulation and any trash or debris in space. Install 12 mil liner around entire space, wrap columns and seal to CMU walls. Insulate walls with 2 inches of Borafoam termite resistant board. To stop air infiltration through rim joist apply 2 inches of closed cell foam around entire perimeter. Seal all crawlspace vents. Install new poly hatch with latches plus insulate and seal hatch. To dry out framing and provide healthier air for living environment install SantaFe Advance dehumidifier with condensate pump. Electrical outlet will be installed by licensed electrician. Entire space will be treated with sanitizer to kill any fungal or microbial growth. Treat entire interior of home with sanitizer to kill any fungal growth. This includes all rooms and all surfaces including ceilings. Customer and any animals must be out of home during and up to 2 hours after treatment. Open food must be covered prior to treatment. 

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