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Job completed for Susan G.

Completion date: June 15, 2021

Location: Sterling, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer needed repairs to their crawl space.

Solutions provided:

Existing liner is loose on floor and not sealed around columns or attached to CMU walls. Some water in space due to existing plumbing/sewer line leak which is being addressed. Noted some dampness on walls and near where the plumbing leak was noted. Do not see groundwater issues at this time.
Remove existing liner and any debris in space.
Install 10 mil liner on floor, wrap columns and install up all walls to below sill plate. Seal all seams. Second vapor barrier on underside of framing must be removed as it will create issues with vapor barrier already a part of the insulation.
Remove and dispose. Crawlspace already has a passive transfer grille to the living space. Dehumidifying the space is recommended but not a requirement at this time as the passive grille complies with the updated building codes. Two intermediate support columns have no footing installed, one is rotten at the base. Support area around existing columns, install new footers to current building code.
Install new pressure treated support columns and secure to support framing. Will require temporary support of area around column during work.

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