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Job completed for Erinn C.

Completion date: July 9, 2021

Location: Alexandria, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer needed a water remediation program for a wet basement.

Solutions provided:

Steady flow of water entering basement through electrical panel and top of basement door frame due to incorrect installation by previous contractor of deck attached to concrete slab above basement. No flashing or incorrect application of flashing is causing water issues and damage to home. Insulation above the electrical panel is soaked and needs to be replaced due to water intrusion. Remove decking boards as needed. Remove door and entire jamb/frame to properly waterproof area around frame and on deck. Divert water around door out onto deck and away from home. Reinstall decking. Door is racked and not closing properly. Install door properly, caulk/flash and trim as needed.

Remove basement door as it is also racked and was installed incorrectly by previous contractor. Deadbolt does not function as it is out of alignment with the jamb. Reinstall door, jamb and frame. Caulk/trim as needed. Door frame may need to be replaced given the deadbolt does not align with the door. This will result in additional charges if needed.

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