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Job completed for Brenda H.

Completion date: August 23, 2021

Location: Alexandria, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer needed repairs to their crawl space.

Solutions provided:

Right side front bedroom floor is sagging slightly on the right outer edge. Inspection in the crawlspace revealed sagging support at outer perimeter of foundation.
Install footer and support column in mid span of carrying beams. Will not guarantee lifting but will guarantee to stabilize.

Seal all vents inside space.
Install 12 mil reinforced liner to walls and columns. Seal all seams wrap columns.
Install Borafoam termite resistant board up all exterior walls to below sill.
To stop air infiltration into space apply 2 inches of closed cell foam which provides R13 insulation value. Trim and install new poly hatch on existing opening. Includes
Foam board and weather stripping.

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