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Job completed for Stacie P.

Completion date: October 29, 2021

Location: Alexandria, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had flooding in their basement.

Solutions provided:

Install secondary large crock in front of existing sump liner. Includes cover.
Redirect primary 4 inch line to new crock.
Install two additional drain boxes adjacent to existing box in driveway to act as backups. These will be piped directly and separately via 4 inch lines to the new crock to be installed.
Install 1/2 HP submersible trash pump in new crock, plumb existing drain line to the new crock.
Provide 4 inch crossover line from new crock to existing crock and utilize existing crock, pump and backup system.
Secondary will act as overflow/backup protection.
Cover all with concrete when completed.
Includes installation of additional electrical circuit for second pump by a licensed electrician, high water alarm and check valve with 2 inch discharge out to area where existing discharge is located.
It is also recommended that a second battery backup with inverter be installed on new primary pumping system.
To limit issues with clogging in drain box replace with pop up drains to permit debris ejection.
Combined total pumping capacity, if both are utilized, will be approximately 7500 gallons per hour.
While this system will effectively deal with large amounts of water and debris it is the customer’s responsibility to regularly check and clear any debris from the crocks.

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