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Job completed for Vanessa W.

Completion date: November 3, 2021

Location: Alexandria, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer needed crawl space repairs.

Solutions provided:

Crawl space was partially damaged due to water application by the fire dept. Crawlspace has all of its insulation down due to moisture and water. Animal feces found in space are either cat or raccoon. Rampant mold growth with fruiting bodies witnessed on floor of space in multiple locations, CMU block supporting makeshift column as well.
Clean out all debris and dispose.
Apply encapsulation primer to all wooden surfaces within the space including floor joists and sub floor.
Install 12 mil liner on floor surface, up walls to sill plate.
To air seal front and rear rim joist apply 2 inches of closed cell foam.
Rear half of crawlspace had insulation damaged due to fire dept activity.
Reinstall new R19 batted insulation to all floor joists.
Seal any vents and/or entry points.
Install inducer in supply trunk to partially condition space.
Sanitize entire space to kill any microbial growth. Customer will need to be out of home during application of primer and sanitizer, 6+ hours minimum.
Install SantaFe Compact 70 dehumidifier to dry out space. Discharge condensate out of home with pump.

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