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Job completed for Amanda S.

Completion date: December 2, 2021

Location: Falls Church, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer needed crawl space repairs.

Solutions provided:

Double 2 x 10 at front stoop inside crawlspace has rotted through completely. Previous owners did perform remediation work outside. Sill plate and rim joist are completely covered by spray foam and it is almost certain the sill plate is rotten where the stoop resides. Install 2 x 10 sleeper, pressure treated, next to existing joist. Cut out rotten section. Mechanically laminate to good wood on existing joist and set to the front sill. Remove necessary spray foam and install new sill plate in foot print of sill with pressure treated wood. To provide additional support as the sleeper will not reach the stem wall due to plumbing and electrical, install 2 support columns with poured concrete footers and install a small double carry beam. All wood to be pressure treated. Caulk front stoop where it meets brick wall with grey concrete caulk to prevent any water from entering space.

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