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Job completed for Tim F.

Completion date: February 7, 2022

Location: Alexandria, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

Customer needed encapsulation in the crawlspace.

Solutions provided:

Demo damaged insulation and plastic liner from ceiling of right crawlspace.

Install Borafoam termite resistant board on exterior walls up to sill plate. Apply 2 inches of closed cell foam to exterior perimeter rim joist.

To address standing water issues install 2 new FastSump pumps. utilize existing sump pits already installed.

Install new check valve and high water alarm for each sump system.

Discharge two lines out through left crawl space, next to porch and 58 LF to culvert at road, into drain box.

Concrete floor in space, no insulation present.

Install Thermax foam board around exterior perimeter walls up to sill.
Apply 2 inches of closed cell foam to exterior perimeter walls. Partially condition space with inducer in supply trunk.

Supply additional conditioned air to right side space with 3″ duct tap and flex host into right side space to bring it up to code.

Connect and activate customers AprilAire dehumidifier. Run gravity condensate line to rear sump pit.

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