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Job completed for Elizabeth M.

Completion date: February 21, 2022

Location: Herdon, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

Customer needed crawlspace encapsulation

Solutions provided:

Remove all batted insulation and debris from crawl space and sanitize crawlspace. Install drain mat and Crawlshield reinforced liner on floor and apply 16 ml on walls.
Install Borafoam termite resistant board to walls. Seal all joints and seams. Apply 2 inches of closed cell foam to exterior rim joist to air seal and provide R13 insulation.
Install Santa Fe Advanced Dehumidifier.
Install condensate pump and discharge out of crawlspace
Install inducer in supply trunk to partially condition space.

Properly dispose of all waste

Install hatch for crawl space. Includes barrel latches, insulation and weather stripping.

Main carry beam in front crawlspace is not properly supported with permanent columns and beam is undersized for application.
Two floor joists supported with temporary support columns, not installed correctly.
Install additional 2 x 8 along entire length and mechanically laminate to existing beams.
Excavate and install concrete footers with proper support columns where required. Temporarily support beam to allow new columns to take the load. Some slight lifting is required to set but no permanent lifting is to be performed.
Sister in two additional joists in rear half of crawl space which corresponds to large commercial style refrigerator located above.
Customer understands there is a possibility of minor drywall cracking given the type of work to be performed. Customer would be responsible for any drywall repairs if needed.

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