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Job completed for Andrew H.

Completion date: March 1, 2022

Location: Alexandria, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

Customer had cracks walls in basement.

Solutions provided:

Rear of root cellar/basement has stacked stone foundation walls, mortar filled joints. Water/dampness noted in multiple locations.

Customer will be replacing slab. This proposal will cover installation of the GrateDrain system, around perimeter of rear cellar, with expectation that the bench walls on the right side will be removed. The system will pass through the entry way on the center right to the proposed final sump location noted below.

SES will coordinate with the concrete contractor for scheduling and work flow to completion. The system must be installed prior to any rebar installation.

Install Heavy Duty Finish Shield on those walls, integrate with GrateDrain system in floor.

Extend system to right side wall at benched wall section; water is entering between the bench and the pass through to the central section of the basement.
Run system along front side of wall to existing sump pit.
Install new liner with FastSump, check valve and high water alarm.
Run discharge through stem wall to left exterior wall and outside into left side garden into drain box in soil with stone and perforate box, approximately 7 LF from home.

Customer will have electrical outlet installed for dehumidifier and sump pump.
Quote is updated to reflect reduction in scope of work.

To ensure a dry basement in the event of a power outage it is strongly recommended to install a Heavy duty inverter with deep cycle battery.

Install SantaFe compact dehumidifier in basement at front stem wall, adjacent to sump liner. Install duct kit to move air to rear basement and keep entire basement dry.

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