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Job completed for Vanessa K.

Completion date: June 2, 2022

Location: Alexandria, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had water entering their basement.

Solutions provided:

Ground floor of CMU/Brick room has water entering at cove joint. New downspouts are draining right at foundation. Extend left front downspout 25 LF from left side of home into drain box. Excavate down to foundation at bottom of porch near stairs to corner, rear corner down to foundation. Apply waterproofing coating to both walls to top of footer and up to top at mean soil line. Install standard french drain system around 2 sides, pick up both downspouts and direct to right rear near swing set into drain box in soil. Extend right rear downspout under flagstone walk to edge of garden. Customer will have both A/C units moved to facilitate work. They will move them back after work is completed.

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