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Job completed for Stanka K.

Completion date: June 6, 2022

Location: McLean, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had crawl space moisture and mold.

Solutions provided:

Treat both spaces with quaternary sanitizer. Clean front half of basement utility room where mold is present with anti-bacterial cleaner and wipe clean; floor joists are the predominant problem area. After treatment some areas may show spots where mold had been but all will have been killed and/or removed.

Remove plastic from wooden shelving and treat all wood surfaces.

Customer and any pets will need to be out of home during crawlspace and basement utility room treatment, for up to 30 minutes after treatment.

Apply 2 inches of closed cell foam to exterior perimeter rim joist to air seal and provide R13 insulation.

Set up AprileAire E100 dehumidifier above refrigerator with hanging kit, run condensate down to existing condensate pump. Electrical receptacle is already available.

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