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Job completed for Pat Q.

Completion date: June 11, 2022

Location: Stafford, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

There was water in the crawl space and damaged insulation.

Solutions provided:

Dewater space first with placement of temporary pump in strategic location to remove standing water. Will require a second visit to relocate pump to pull as much water out of space as possible.

Perform full Crawlshield installation.
Demo all cardboard on ceiling of space and damaged/worn insulation.
Install FastDrain system around entire perimeter with two FastSump liners and pumps in the right rear and left front locations. Discharge both out to the left front into a drainbox flush in the soil.

Install Crawlshield liner and full dimpleshield drain mat around entire perimeter to walls.
Wrap all columns.

Install Borafoam termite resistant foam board around perimeter.
Apply 2 inches of closed cell foam to perimeter rim joist to air seal and provide R13 insulation.

Close and seal all vents
Sanitizer entire space. Customer will need to be out of space during and up to 30 minutes after treatment, including pets.

To partially condition space per VRC 408.3, install circulation fan in right rear laundry room in floor.

Dehumidify space with SantaFe Compact dehumidifier and discharge condensate into sump liner.

Install new insulated sloped hatch with poly cover at entry point.

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