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Job completed for Kayla W.

Completion date: July 11, 2022

Location: Fredericksburg, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

Customers had foundation issues.

Solutions provided:

Left side CMU is bowing inward along entire length. Customer is having mold remediation done ahead of additional work. Customer will remove both front and rear wall on left side. Studs may remain in place if they are not sitting against wall.
Install steel, adjustable wall braces along length, approximately every 4 feet to stabilize wall.
Install heavy duty finish shield from floor to ceiling along left wall as well to isolate and prevent water vapor from entering living space. Seal all seams.
It is recommended the braces be checked for proper torque at least once per year.

Left side of home, where walkway ends at front, down left side of home; install drain grate system in concrete. Exit rear and drop down to soil level into drain box approximately 8 LF from left rear of home. Restore concrete.

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