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Job completed for Donald T.

Completion date: July 15, 2022

Location: Alexandria, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

Customer needed an interior drainage.

Solutions provided:

Install 6 LF concrete curb to direct any water into existing sump pit.
Customer will have oil tank moved to permit work in affected areas.
At entry point into basement: 13 LF: FastDrain at CMU wall with FlexiFlange and holes drilled in CMU to permit drainage into FastDrain system.
Install supplemental drain grate in front of doorway to prevent issues if water passes under doorway. Tie into FastDrain system.
Next to oil tank; 17 LF FastDrain on top of footer with Flexiflange at wall only. At corner of knee wall install FastSump with liner, check valve and high water alarm. Customer will supply electrical circuit.
Abandon 15 LF of floor drain, fill with concrete and finish smooth to current floor.
Add FastDrain on left side of basement behind air handler. Run down to existing floor trench, add 3 inch PVC line, tie into FastDrain. Extend to where trench disappears under floor to discharge any water.
Install 1 AprileAire E070 dehumidifier, in basement next to existing sump pit. Direct condensate down to floor drain.
Includes setup in edge of crawlspace and installation of condensate line down to sump pit.
Sump Pump Clean Out And Replacement
Install new FastSump and clean out crock of sediment and debris. Flood test system.

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