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Job completed for Fred H

Completion date: November 7, 2018

Location: Alexandria, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

We need to have the outside perimeter of our crawl space sealed, as it has openings that allow small animals to enter. It may be necessary to encapsulate the crawl space as well. Would appreciate an appointment for someone to look at the crawl space and give us an estimate.

Solutions provided:

The following steps took place for repairs of home and crawlspace.
Trapping of raccoons from the crawlspace,
Once raccoons are removed, removal of lower band boards on the left and right side of the home, install of new composite band boards and attach to home, color is white.
Inside crawlspace, clean out debris, raccoon droppings, vapor barrier from addition will be removed too due to smell. Sterifab treatment to be done to kill bacteria, mites, and lice. Spot treatment for mold to be sprayed at rafters and rim joist.
Summit to dig out original crawlspace at the entry door and inside in order to work, dirt/mud to be removed and leveled out, current work height is less than 18″.
Summit to dig perimeter and install concrete and barrier wall using 1/2″ screen on right and left side where new band boards were installed to prevent mice, raccoons, and squirrels from burrowing under.
Summit to then dig entire perimeter of the original home and install fast drain system and connect to the additional crawlspace drain system.
Summit to spray foam 2″ on walls on additional crawlspace for proper insulation and rim joist.
Dimple shield to be installed to the floors of both crawlspaces to protect the vapor barrier and prevent trapping of water.
Installation of 16mil vapor barrier to be installed in both crawlspaces and attached to walls.
Install WiseAir 55 dehumidifier to be installed in the original crawlspace and electrical hooked up for a sump pump and dehumidifier. Condensation to run to the sump pump.

Fast Drain System comes with a 25-year warranty and sump pump and dehumidifier come with a 3-5 year warranty from the manufacturer.

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