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Job completed for Marriah U

Completion date: November 5, 2018

Location: Stafford, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customers are taking in water/flooding in the crawlspace.

Solutions provided:

Summit will do the following in order to redirect the water entering crawlspace.
Summit to first remove the 6ft long black snake from crawlspace in order to do work.
Summit will cut a hole through the division block wall in order to install the fast drain in front of the home.
Summit will dig out the front of foundation and install fast drain system to stop the water from flowing throughout crawlspace. backfill with gravel . on right front corner of the crawlspace, install a crock/basin sump pump and 1/3hp pump. a hole will be cut through block foundation in order to run water out and away from the crawlspace. Summit will have the electrical hooked up and run for the sump pump.

Team members on this project:

Tim J,

Photos & Videos:

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