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Job completed for Chris G

Completion date: September 4, 2018

Location: Orange, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

Unfinished Basement has water issues and has flooded twice in 4 years. Would love for you guys to come out and give me an estimate on fixing it.

Solutions provided:

Water entering multiple locations. Excessive humidity and sweating from HVAC duct line in the basement. Install perimeter system around entire basement. The walkout has excessive water entering as well. Recommend installing drain grate in a low spot at walk out. It is advised to perform regular checks on the walkout drain to prevent clogs. SES cannot be responsible for the failure. To maintain walkout drain.
Install the GrateDrain system
Install flexiflange 2’ up wall around the entire perimeter.
install drain in rear well and pipe into the basement and into the GrateDrain system.

Install GrateSump with liner, battery backup system with sealed 100 Amp battery and 12V inverter.

Includes high water alarm
Includes radon test kit
Includes installation of Radon port in GrateDrain system
Discharge line run through rear of basement to right side of rear of home, approximately 20 LF

Includes lifetime transferable warranty and first year inspection free of charge.
GrateSump, battery and inverter carries separate manufacturers warranties.

Team members on this project:

Ana Perry,

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