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Job completed for Nicholas H

Completion date: August 22, 2018

Location: Herndon, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer called with concerns of water in the basement and two sump pumps that are not working.

Solutions provided:

Found water entering basement in multiple locations. Home has two old sumps with one open pit but Water is still getting through walls. Existing old footer drain has likely silted over and clogged. Due to water intrusion basement will need a full perimeter GrateDrain system.

We propose the following:

Install the GrateDrain system around the entire perimeter.
Install 12” flex flange along entire perimeter wall, drill weep holes in concrete block pockets to move water quickly into GrateDrain.
Install flex flange up to 12 inches up wall and seal.
Install 2 clear check valves.
At egress window install drain box and penetrate into basement down into GrateDrain system.
Cover over all existing work with high strength concrete finished flush with the existing floor.
Demo existing sump pits and install a dual GrateSump system with sump joiner. The install will require separating discharge lines as they combine in the basement. Discharge line out from basement is 1 1/4”. Will have to seal off and install (2) 1 1/2 inch discharge lines out of the basement. Install 2 Ice Cop anti freeze devices and terminate discharge lines with 4” corrugated “Y” at the line in the garden next to the basement and to the line already run under the lawn.

All work carries a 5-year warranty for workmanship and labor.

The sump systems carry a 3-year warranty.

Homeowners will take care of moving everything toward the center. The homeowner also has extensive computer equipment in the basement and will need to cover all of it and disconnect it from power or protect it from the work area.

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