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Job completed for Raffaele D

Completion date: December 10, 2018

Location: Burke, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

crawlspace is 3 ft and goes down to 20 inches and the owner has water coming through the cinder blocks and he has put in a pump which runs no stop and he regraded landscaping but to no avail.

Solutions provided:

Summit to remove debris/insulation from crawlspace and treat rim joist and subfloor with mold treatment.
Summit to dig out inside perimeter of crawlspace and grade for install of the drainage system.
Install fastdrain around perimeter walls of the inside crawlspace and connect to sump pumps. backfill with gravel
Install 2 crock/basin sump pumps with 1/4 hp motors at low lying point and install PVC runoff drain to outside on the rear right side of the home and dig 12-15 ft away from home and install discharge line with drybox. Hook up electrical for both the sump pump and dehumidifier
Air seal top of the rim joist with sprayfoam around perimeter walls and seal any vents.
Install R11 foamboard insulation to walls or crawlspace with a vapor barrier.
Install crawl shield/ dimple shield mat to the floor of crawlspace to protect the vapor barrier.
Install 16mil vapor barrier to the floor of crawlspace and seam tape to walls.
Install a wise air 55 dehumidifier and run condensation line to the sump pump.
Remove the entry frame and dig out to install a watertight turtle system to allow access to the crawlspace.
Crawlspace fastdrain system comes with a 25year warranty on the system itself, dehumidifier and sump pumps come with the manufacturer warranty only. any natural disasters or foundation issues are not covered.

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