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Job completed for Dotty L

Completion date: December 3, 2018

Location: Catlett, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer said that the basement is constantly flooding. She said she did purchase a sump pump a few months ago but it burned out. She is interested in a new sump pump and also waterproofing her basement.

Solutions provided:

Small basement had 24 inches of standing water. Existing sump pump was not functioning properly, excessive leaves and sediment in existing, open crock. Once dewatering was completed water was entering floor from weep holes drilled in concrete block wall and from blocked drain box outside and into basement under door. Drain was blocked due to leaves. Water has reached a maximum height of 36 inches as evidenced by the wet line on the block wall.
Due to severe conditions in the small basement the following is needed.

Full GrateDrain system around perimeter of basement.

1: Use jackhammer to remove floor only, from out 9 inches from inside edge of footer.
2: excavate down to just below underside of floor.
3: Install GrateDrain system and backfill with washed type 56 stone.
4: Drill additional weep holes along entire perimeter to permit water to enter FlexiFlange along wall, up 12-16 inches, seal to wall with fasteners and finish seal adhesive.
5: Cover with high strength concrete and finish flush with floor.

GrateSump and FastSump system with backup battery, inverter and high water alarm.

1: Remove and demo existing sump liner (open). Install new GrateSump liner in floor with FastSump 1/3rd HP pump. Tie in existing box drain from walkout landing to GrateDrain system. Line is already run to area where sump is currently installed
2: Abandon existing discharge line as it exits basement. Re-run the discharge line higher up the wall. Install IceCop antifreeze device and tie into existing discharge line.
3: To supplement existing GrateDrain, install SpeedE channel across doorway inside of door, past threshold and tie into GrateDrain system below

Install Atrium drain cover over existing box drain.

Use existing drain line which is already 30+ LF from home. SES will not guarantee this drain will function properly.

Install deep cycle battery, inverter and high water alarm on custom fabricated shelf a minimum of 3 feet from floor to keep dry.

Install R19 kraft faced batted insulation in subfloor of basement.
Rodent entry in one of the existing windows. Seal space with sheet of PVC panel, caulk and seal to wall.

Custom work:
1:Re-attach door jamb on each side of door with masonry anchors. Trim bottom of jamb up to at least 3 inches from floor.
2: Fabricate a sloped concrete curb at threshold of doorway, a minimum of 3 inches high by 3 inches wide.

The GrateDrain system carries a fully transferable lifetime warranty for workmanship and materials. The custom shelving and concrete curb carry a 1 year warranty.

The FastSump system carries separate manufacturers warranty.

The proposal includes an inspection and servicing ofthe sump pump and the GrateDrain system at the end of the first year of service. It is highly recommended this be done yearly to prevent any further problems in the basement.

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