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Job completed for John P.

Completion date: February 12, 2020

Location: Arlington, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

Water coming up through floor in rear center between bedroom and bathroom. Existing drain system not effective in that area. Front basement has water entering left side wall and through closet. Concerns about water vapor on walls in closet and living space.

Solutions provided:

Recommend installation of partial GrateDrain system under floor only, tie into existing sump. Existing double sump system has 2 discharge lines tying together. Separate line and run second 1 1/2″ line outside to existing corrugated PVC line. Customer will need to replace tile once work is completed. Concrete will be finished to just below existing surface. 5 year warranty Install partial GrateDrain system along entire front wall, along left corner, through closet into utility room and 5 linear feet into room. Install GrateSump with liner, clear check valve and discharge out left side of home into drain box. Turn left into garden 30 LF toward front yard in front of garden. Will need to shut off return duct to HVAC system in basement during installation. 

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