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Summit Waterproofing Solutions Reviews

Reviewed By: I.G.

April 25th, 2020 00:00:00 am

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Comment We started noticing some mold forming in the corner of our shower so we called Summit to investigate, mostly to make sure it wasn’t coming from the attic or somewhere else. Joe came out and took a look, he assured us it was only in that one spot and the best way to handle it was to replace the fan with a unit that would move more air. Joe was great at explaining the process from how they would neutralize the mold to the installation of the bigger fan with a timer that would allow the fan to run longer after the shower was done being used, making sure as much water as possible in the air was removed. Rodney came out and did the work, which required cutting the ceiling to work because there is no access from the roof because of the design of the house. Rodney did a great job with installation, drywall and paint, you can’t even tell anything was done, he also did a great job protecting the shower itself as well as the floors where he had to work. Great job overall, very pleased.
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