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Summit Waterproofing Solutions Reviews

Reviewed By: Alex P

February 19th, 2024 00:00:00 am

Comment The Taming of the Shrew turned into the Taming of the Great Flood. Unbelievable work by Joe Westner and the Summit Environmental team. It all started when we noticed/smelled what looked like a mouse infestation in our crawl spaces. I rang up the Summit team, and Joe came over to check things out. Joe wasn't Mickey Mousing around with me when he crawled out from under our house and declared that the droppings were far too large to come from a mouse, but instead, a family of Shrews had decided to rapidly expand their footprint in, under, and around our house. A shrew, you say? I've never seen a Shrew, so after we Googled the little varmints to see what the lil terrors looked like, Joe started working up an estimate for us. One of the crawl spaces is connected to the garage, which has been a source of flooding issues since we bought our house 9+ years ago. In fact, as part of our closing, another less skilled contractor was brought in to help with water remediation as the garage flooded the night before our closing date. While he was on-site I asked Joe if he would mind taking a look at our leaky garage, and he immediately pointed out several issues that were leading to the flooding. So Joe wrote me up a quote for Shrew remediation and decontamination and then pulled together a second quote for the garage issues. Once we agreed upon a price for the combined project (thx for the discount Joe), the Summit crew then quickly pulled the permits together, helped us with a great financing deal, and began the work. The work itself was quick and thorough, and they found a few avenues to lower the cost and save my yard from being dug completely up by cleaning out an old drainage system. We had a monstrous rain storm a few weeks ago, and I'm happy to report that our garage was completely dry afterward, and the drainage system worked as advertised. Thanks to Joe and the team from Summit Environmental for Taming our Shrews and Saving my Garage!
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