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Ron D.
King George, VA
December 29, 2021

Remove drywall under right window to locate crack. Includes removal of bottom plate and a stud, if necessary, to complete work. Install Carbon Fiber crack repair which includes 2 part epoxy, clean surface of concrete foundation wall, application of carbon fiber patch system. Excavate floor where patch is to be applied, down to top of footer. Install Carbon fiber down below floor, back fill with type 57 and patch with concrete. Apply flexible concrete sealant to exterior crack at centerline of window down to soil line.

Glenn M.
Herndon, VA
December 28, 2021

Remove both front window assemblies and save for reuse. Inspect and reframe entire jamb as needed based upon inspection. Flash and waterproof window frame to prevent further damage. Remove slate tiles on brick sill. Inspect and seal as needed. Reinstall windows, caulk and seal and install existing capping if possible. Capping may need replacement. Dryer duct in crawl space is leaking and dumping lint into space. Clean out duct to wall penetration. Reattach and seal duct connection where it enters crawl space. Complete installation of downdraft exhaust pipe. Check for any grease buildup. May need additional cleaning.

Ashley D.
Triangle, VA
December 28, 2021

Basement mold treatment and encapsulation -Musty odors in home due to open crawlspace and unconditioned basement area. Concerns about health in home. Remove all debris from rear crawlspace and dispose, including insulation in crawlspace and basement. Install 12 mil reinforced liner on floor of space. Install Borafoam termite resistant board on exterior walls up to sill plate. Seal all seams. To stop airflow into space apply 2 inches of closed cell foam to exterior rim joist in basement and crawlspace. Treat all surfaces with broad spectrum biocide. Customer will need to be out of home during and up to one hour after treatment. Condition spaces with small passive supply grilles. Seal all vents into space. To keep space dry install SantaFe 90 dehumidifier with condensate pump, in crawl space. Duct through CMU wall into main basement with passive grille. Install french drain in rear of home from CMU patio on right to left side of home where wood steps enter rear yard. Tie into existing downspout extension. Demo remaining concrete stoop and dispose.

Ryan C.
Alexandria, VA
December 23, 2021

Demo chicken wire and existing liner. Remove any insulation in ceiling of front space. Install Borafoam termite resistant board on exterior walls. Apply 2 inches of closed cell foam to rim joist to air seal and provide R13 insulation. Install 10 mil on floor, seal all seams and tape to foam board. To dehumidify space install SantaFe advance 2 dehumidifier in front space, duct to rear space next to breaker panel. Install condensate pump to direct water out of space. Includes installation of electrical receptacle. In front area right section of home install low wattage fan in front closet to partially condition space. In right rear space Install 10 mil over existing liner. Install Borafoam board up exterior walls and apply 2 inches of closed cell foam to exterior rim joist. At wall where inaccessible space meets accessible install electrical receptacle and circulation fan in existing pass through hole to partially condition space. Remove flooring in 2 knee wall areas to gain access to existing insulation. Reinstall when complete. Remove batted insulation and dispose. Apply R38 blown cellulose to both spaces. Install Thermax foam board on knee wall vertical and wedge end points. Seal all seams. Install additional foam board on all hatch openings. All seams sealed and taped.

Katrina B.
Fredericksburg, VA
December 23, 2021

Demo drain in walkout. Install new box drain and run under floor into main basement. To provide redundancy, install drain grate in front of door as customer is concerned about flooding. Walkout drain will have a separate dedicated line to the sump liner. Install GrateDrain system from doorway, left to corner and continue to existing open clay liner. To contain moisture on walls install Heavy Duty Finish Shield on 2 walls noted, floor to ceiling. Tie into drain system. In 4 window wells install small round drain box, penetrate through CMU wall and pipe down into GrateDrain system. Demo liner, KEEP EXISTING SUMP PUMP and CHECK VALVE. Install new FastSump liner. To provide backup capabilities install 12 volt backup system with controller and deep cycle battery. Flush ports will be installed and concrete finished floor where excavation is performed. Excavate at point of exit for discharge and install drain box with crushed stone. Flood test system when complete.

Eric C.
Alexandria, VA
December 21, 2021

Install short GrateDrain system from walkout, 9 LF to corner at concrete curb. Install Pro Series pump with integrated controller and FastSump liner. Apply heavy duty finish shield with flexiflange to area where water is entering. Run discharge through rear basement area, out along surface, sloping downward along fence to rear of property. Drop down below surface at end of concrete pad and into drain box at very rear edge of property with 3 inch discharge. Install high water alarm.

Jonathan B.
Alexandria, VA
December 20, 2021

Clean out the crawlspace of debris and trash. Treat any visible mildew with Sterifab. Install a Dimple shield and 16 mil white vapor barrier on the floor of the crawlspace. Run the new vapor barrier 6 inches up the walls. Install R6 foiled backed insulation on the trunk lines in the crawlspace. Remove the batted fiberglass in the vents only and replace with foam board. Air seal with spray foam. Install a new white composite door with new framing for the entry point.

Bill M.
West Springfield, VA
December 17, 2021

Demo small section of drywall and carefully remove trim at top of wall. Install Carbon Fiber crack repair kit and integrate into existing GreateDrain system. Customer will restore walls when complete. Install Battery backup system with heavy duty inverter

Betty B.
Arlington, VA
December 13, 2021

Remove all accessible blown in and batted fiberglass insulation in two attic spaces. Include removing the mouse droppings and some bat guano near the gable vent. Sterifab to disinfect and treat for mites, lice, and bacteria. Install baffles at the soffit lines and around the storage area. Air seal gaps and conduit li;es for energy efficiency. Install can light covers over the recess lights. Install one attic tent over the entry point for energy efficiency. Blow in new cellulose insulation to R49 (14 inches). Blow under the storage boards as best as possible. One storage board (gypsum board) indicated by the technician will be replaced due to damage. Includes installing stainless steel screen on three louvre vents on the exterior of the home to prevent entry of birds and bats into the attic space. Crawlspace Encapsulation In three crawlspaces remove all of the batted fiberglass insulation, old vapor barrier and mouse droppings. Sterifab to disinfect and treat for mites, lice, and bacteria. Put the personal items to the side for the client and place back in after work is complete. Install R11 bora foam board on the exterior walls of the crawlspace. Include install stainless steel screen on the vents to prevent entry of mice into the crawlspace. Block off the vents with bora foam board to prevent stack effect. Spray foam the rim joists with 2 inches of closed cell spray foam. Install two separate air inducers to help condition the crawlspaces. Install dimple shield and 16 mil white vapor barrier on the floor of the crawlspaces. Run the vapor barrier 6 inches up the wall and seam tape to seal. Door on the right side will be replaced with a new composite white door that will be built with no gaps. A 1x4 composite white board will be installed on the open joists just above the right side door to prevent entry of mice. Use clear caulk on other indicated possible entry points to help slow the progress of the mice into the home. Clear caulk will be used on the gaps between the additions, front stoop side gaps, the conduit pipe on the left side of the home, hvac conduit leading to the attic space. One of the hvac supply lines have been compromised. This indicated 6 inch line will be removed and replaced with a new 6 inch insulated flex line from a different part of the supply trunk line.. The old connection will be sealed after work is finished. There is no one hundred percent seal out for mice but with a continuous rodent program can Summit control the population of the mice.

Elizabeth W.
Arlington, VA
December 10, 2021

Customer has had intermittent but persistent issues with basement water entry and other areas of first floor. Existing sump pump resides under washer/dryer and does not appear to be functioning at this time. Install GrateDrain system along perimeter from a point next to the bottom of the staircase, around exterior walls, to rear and into bathroom/laundry room. A radon removal system exists. SES will install a Radon port and re-attach to GrateDrain system. Install new FastSump with high water alarm and check valve. Discharge line will remain and be tested to confirm operation. Wall next to landing at bottom of stairs, front wall, right wall, left rear wall into bathroom where washer/dryer are installed. Washer and dryer must be removed prior to work commencement. A battery backup with heavy duty inverter will be installed to prevent issues during power outages.

Kyle S.
Colonial Beach, VA
December 8, 2021

Remove bottom course of fasteners. Install custom bent flashing under bottom of corrugated siding to lap over edge of concrete around entire perimeter. Seal all seams with high grade caulk. Seal around all door and window openings including top and sides of garage doors with high grade caulk. Seal all corner trim with high grade caulk.

Sheila G.
Reston, VA
December 8, 2021

High moisture content in CMU walls, 25-40%, Drywall approximately 15-22%. Moisture drive is due to high vapor pressure in soil and heavy vapor diffusion. Customer will have contractor remove all firing strips, studs and drywall from exterior walls and ceiling prior to work being performed. Create a thermal break by installing Thermax foam board to all exterior walls from floor to ceiling. Seal and tape all seams. To stop air flow into basement from floor apply 2 inches of closed cell foam to perimeter rim joist. Sump Pump Clean Out and flood test Clean out three exterior sump pump crocks, flood test to confirm proper operation. If any fail to test properly they will need replacement at additional cost. Clean out interior sump pump and flood test.

Jennifer W.
Fredericksburg, VA
December 6, 2021

Remove drywall to expose crack. Install Carbon fiber crack repair on wall with small basin in floor to footer, installation includes pouring small batch of concrete on floor to finish. Seal crack on floor where visible.

Diana S.
Reston, VA
December 6, 2021

Remove old vapor barrier, batted fiberglass insulation, and old dehumidifiers. Use Sterifab to disinfect and treat for mildew. Install new dimple shield and 16 mil white vapor barrier on the floor of the crawlspace. Run the new vapor barrier six inches up the wall and seam tape to seal. Install R11 bora foam board on the exterior walls of the crawlspace and block off the vents with stainless steel screen and bora foam board. Spray foam the rim joists with 2 inches of closed cell spray foam

Amanda S.
Falls Church, VA
December 2, 2021

Double 2 x 10 at front stoop inside crawlspace has rotted through completely. Previous owners did perform remediation work outside. Sill plate and rim joist are completely covered by spray foam and it is almost certain the sill plate is rotten where the stoop resides. Install 2 x 10 sleeper, pressure treated, next to existing joist. Cut out rotten section. Mechanically laminate to good wood on existing joist and set to the front sill. Remove necessary spray foam and install new sill plate in foot print of sill with pressure treated wood. To provide additional support as the sleeper will not reach the stem wall due to plumbing and electrical, install 2 support columns with poured concrete footers and install a small double carry beam. All wood to be pressure treated. Caulk front stoop where it meets brick wall with grey concrete caulk to prevent any water from entering space.

Elizabeth H.
Port Royal, VA
November 30, 2021

Some water entering basement, right front side at brick and steps. Inspection shows downspouts dumping water right at structure. Reroute all exterior downspouts away from home. Run front right side spouts from entry point into basement out next to landscape timbers. Right side routed to where land slopes away from property. Excavate and bury rigid PVC. Right rear extend into garden 8 LF on surface. Rear porch areas router to slope at first grass terrace, open draining. Left, left side and left all will be combined and run under surface to slope at first terrace. Sump discharge will be tee'd into this drainage line.

Da Minh T.
Herndon, VA
November 29, 2021

Crawlspace to have for treatments conducted prior to renovations for mice. After treatments blanket insulation that is on foundation walls to be removed and disposed of the entire crawlspace to be treated for bacteria, parasites, and potential hantavirus. Perimeter of crawlspace foundation walls to be clean of heavy soiled fecal matter. Crawlspace walls to have r11 foam board with vapor barrier attached, seam tape will be applied to joints of insulation, the mice are currently nesting and thriving behind the blanket insulation attached to foundation walls And new insulation will prevent that from happening. Once crawlspace is cleaned out the seal plate at top of foundation walls around interior perimeter of crawlspace will be air sealed to close gaps and reduce energy loss.

Amy R.
Annandale, VA
November 18, 2021

Abandon and seal existing drain line and install new square drain box in walkout floor. Includes atrium drain cover and serviceable box. To provide redundancy in the event of sediment clogging SES will install a drain grate in front of the doorway. Run both lines to FastSump pump with liner to right of rear doorway at rear wall and demo existing clay sump pit. Includes check valve, high water alarm. Run discharge along rear wall to right side wall and discharge out into right side yard, 7-8 feet into drain box in soil. To prevent issues in the event of a power failure a battery backup system with heavy duty inverter will be installed. Customer understands that regular inspection and maintenance of drain box is needed to ensure water will flow freely.

Umeer R.
Fredericksburg, VA
November 17, 2021

Demo drywall, first floor from floor to ceiling in main hallway at kitchen entry. Extensive water in basement. Remove drywall on ceiling bulkhead and any walls where it is found water has move through those materials. Set up of air movers, dehumidifiers on first floor and basement. Carpet will be pulled up in media room to permit drying. Remove all drywall debris and dispose.

John P.
Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA
November 16, 2021

Crack repair previously performed is functioning but the volume of water directed under the flood is causing some dampness and water on the floor. Break up floor to sump crock at footer. Install GrateDrain with Flexiflange along area where crack is located. Tie into existing sump crock. Confirm perforations in crock and add more if needed. Water must be allowed to flow freely into crock. Cover floor with concrete when completed

Candace L.
Stafford, VA
November 16, 2021

Hairline crack on right side wall from floor. Utilize Carbon fiber crack repair system with excavation of the floor to the footer, install Carbon under the floor at the wall and cover with concrete. Second, minor leak at wood block next to waste line. Remove block and seal penetration from nail. Reinstall block. Cut PVC waste line at top and bottom. Seal crack at wall with fast setting epoxy. Reinstall waste line when complete. Seal exterior crack right side front outside of fence with concrete sealant. Front wall: seal hairline crack with flexible concrete sealant.

Nancy M.
King George, VA
November 15, 2021

Install GrateDrain system along rear wall from left inside doorway to right side edge of fireplace. Install Flexiflange and drill weep holes in the block pockets along entire length, back flush port be installed at the beginning of the run to permit servicing necessary. the customer may install flooring over the flush port but it is requested that it be left in a state that permits easy access. Install FastSump with liner in left corner of basement with high water alarm and clear check valve. Discharge line will be run up wall high enough to facilitate check valve installation then turn to run behind drywall to exit foundation on left side. Customer will install box to hid appearance of sump liner. Drywall will need to be removed where pipe runs up wall. Run discharge line under surface/under fence near landscape timber into flush mounted drain box.

Travis H.
Fredericksburg, VA
November 12, 2021

Demo front wall 24 inches from floor and dispose. Install GrateDrain system on front wall only with FastSump and liner on right front corner of basement. Install high water alarm and check valve. Restore floor with concrete and install flush port. Discharge out right side of home into drain box, approximately 4 LF from foundation wall. Customer will be responsible for restoration of the walls and floor when work is completed.

Martha W.
Fredericksburg, VA
November 12, 2021

Small room off main area of home. Raised floor with pressure treated framing, brick pavers as flooring. Remove all bricks in room. Remove work bench. Demo old terra cotta sump pit and old sump pump. Install FastDrain system along exterior wall and direct to new GrateSump Liner with FastSump.

Shahid Q.
Ashburn, VA
November 11, 2021

Replace existing sump pump with new FastSump. Clean out all sediment and debris. Install new check valve and high water alarm.

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