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Recent Jobs For Summit Environmental Solutions

Gloria P.

Demo liner on floor, loose and not effective. Insulation in ceiling of space is below code minimums. Install Borafoam termite resistant board to exterior walls up to sill plate. To stop airflow apply 2 inches of closed cell foam to perimeter rim joist to air seal to R13 value. Install 12 mil liner…

Pat Q.

Dewater space first with placement of temporary pump in strategic location to remove standing water. Will require a second visit to relocate pump to pull as much water out of space as possible.

Stanka K.

Treat both spaces with quaternary sanitizer. Clean front half of basement utility room where mold is present with anti-bacterial cleaner and wipe clean; floor joists are the predominant problem area.

Vanessa K.

Ground floor of CMU/Brick room has water entering at cove joint. New downspouts are draining right at foundation. Extend left front downspout 25 LF from left side of home into drain box.

Griffin D.

Install Dimpleshield drain mat on entire floor of space. Install 12 mil reinforced liner on floor, left and right walls. Install Borafoam termite resistant board on rear wall (R10) Apply 2 inches of closed cell foam to rear rim joist. (R13)

Alice H.

Condensate pump needs to be replacedBack crawlspace. Wise aire 55 needs to be replaced.

Austin J.

Vertical crack is allowing water to enter basement. Demo blanket insulation where crack is located.

Derrick J.

Pull up carpet in basement at bathroom and hallway where moisture was detected. Set up air movers to dry out carpet and padding for a minimum of 7 days.

Erick T.

Batted insulation starting to fall around space. Crawl space is open to exterior through vents. Remove batted insulation from ceiling.

Josh C.

Install 2 full carbon fiber kits, left of window, approximately 3 LF from left wall, Includes removal of all paint where structural patch is to be applied. Existing finish shield will be moved and reinstalled 24 hours after work is completed.

Andrew H.

Front area of home has nearly inaccessible crawlspace, all dirt with no insulation. Strong musty odors due to exposed soil. Install 10 mil liner on floor of space, wrap any columns, run liner to walls and secure as best as possible due to clearance limitations.

Diana S.

Demo existing discharge where it enters soil. Install ice gap and expand 1 1/2" line to 3 inch rigid PVC out 50 LF from home into drain box flush in soil. Includes covering with soil when completed. Cover with grass seed and straw.

Kristen E.

Water exiting the soil at top of back yard and also toward bottom creating constant wet conditions. Property has existing standard French drain but it is not managing the water in the back yard properly.

Wanda B.

Some fungal growth evident through crawl space. Liner on floor is damaged and not providing any protection from ground moisture. Remove damaged liner and dispose. Install new 8 mil liner on floor, wrap all columns and pin to walls 6 inches from floor.

Lynda H.

Excavate down on the exterior, locate water line. Clean area around line and apply fast setting epoxy. Apply a second coating of flexible concrete sealant inside and out. Back fill and cover

Total: 322

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