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Recent Jobs For Summit Environmental Solutions

Stephen G.

Install R11 bora foam board on the walls of the crawlspace secured properly. This new insulation is taking place of the old insulation that was removed from the walls by a separate company

Scott S.

Salvage pea gravel and excavate down approximately to existing clogged drain pipe. Install French drain along left side to 4 LF off left rear of home into drain box in soil. Wrap with fabric and backfill with type 57 and cover with existing pea gravel. Discard excess soil in backyard where stump

Bill S.

Crawl space with large trench excavated for previous water supply line replacement. An older wood rot issue due to a plumbing leak at rear of space in small area. Apply 2 inches of closed cell foam to exterior perimeter rim joist to stop airflow and provide R13 insulation. Install Crawlshield reinforced

Daniel L.

Install new R19 batted fiberglass insulation secured with tie rods in the crawlspace. Install a new door with latches. Install stainless steel screen over open vents.

Pat Q.

Dewater space first with placement of temporary pump in strategic location to remove standing water. Will require a second visit to relocate pump to pull as much water out of space as possible.

Alex M.

Replace sump pump with new and run a dedicated circuit to it.

Ira H.

Water entering behind window on short roof section below balcony. Remove siding from corner to where balcony ends and along entire rear, 2 courses of siding up from roof. Inspect for water entry and perform water test if required to determine entry point. Remove siding behind suspected area on balcony, rear

Kent D.

Address water concerns with driveway that slopes toward home. Cut concrete approximately 2 LF from garage door and install drain grate. Excavate and install driveway drain grate across entire width of driveway. Excavate and install deep sump with trash pump. Run discharge line to 3 inch line along right side of driveway

Justin J.

Rear CMU has tie backs already installed. Recent freezing weather and increased water has caused a frost heave and forced the top section of the CMU into +2.5 degree deflection. The outward deflecting above is -3.5 degrees. Install 12 wall braces on entire rear CMU. Adjust existing tie backs once braces are

Andrew A.

Water entering in multiple areas in utility room. Not related to foundation cracks but inspection shows ground water entry. Install GrateDrain system on front wall and left side wall, past existing sump crock and water pressure tank. Customer will need to remove pressure tank prior to work commencing. Install FlexiFlange

Andrew H.

Rear of root cellar/basement has stacked stone foundation walls, mortar filled joints. Water/dampness noted in multiple locations. Customer will be replacing slab. This proposal will cover installation of the GrateDrain system, around perimeter of rear cellar, with expectation that the bench walls on the right side will b

Araybia R.

Crack located, rear foundation wall. Demo drywall where inspection located foundation crack. Install Carbon Fiber patch system with epoxy. Break up small patch of concrete floor, install Carbon Fiber into floor to top of footer. Patch with concrete when completed. Customer will restore walls when work is completed. Seal crack

Marybeth D.

Customer complaints of some moisture or water entering basement. Inspection shows some streaks from top of foundation wall indicating water movement on front of home. Clean out and apply new caulk to all joints at brick knee wall where it meets any flashing, siding or other trim/bricks. On left

Elizabeth M.

Remove all batted insulation and debris from crawl space and sanitize crawlspace. Install drain mat and Crawlshield reinforced liner on floor and apply 16 ml on walls. Install Borafoam termite resistant board to walls. Seal all joints and seams. Apply 2 inches of closed cell foam to exterior rim joist to air

Victoria H.

Water is pooling at rear of concrete patio and walkways. Rear of home, left side at end of river stone move stone away and install standard french drain, with exposed type 57 stone from left side, under rear sidewalk and down right side through fence and out to side yard into

Total: 322

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